Note:  We can only sell directly to our established patients due to commitments with our supplement distributors/manufacturers.  Thank you for understanding. 

Professional Grade Vitamins Delivered to Your Doorstep

Vitamins are awesome!  They have the potential to enhance your quality of life and maybe even save your life.  But if you take the wrong kind, they can be ineffective or even harmful!  When it comes to health, Dr. Madamba recommends only high-quality professional-grade vitamins & supplements for you and your family.  Parternering with Emerson Ecologics & Fullscript we are proud to offer industry-leading nutraceuticals that are quality-tested and made with the highest standards of purity & safety.  Explore our hand-picked selection of vitamins, herbs, supplements, essential oils, and other wellness products for purchase & delivery right to your front door!

What Makes a Vitamin/Supplement High Quality?

From Our Partner, Emerson Ecologics:
Ensuring Quality Control, Purity, and Safety

From our Partner, Fullscript: Can I Just Buy From Longs, Costco, or Amazon? Answer: Better Not.

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Can’t quite find what you’re looking for?  No problem!  Visit our trusted sister store  Explore thousands of of top-quality vitamins, supplements, and wellness products right at your fingertips.  It’s like Amazon….but only for the best vitamins.  Fullscript carries over 90% of the premier brands available on the market, all under one roof!

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    Doterra:  Selecting the Purest Essential Oils

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