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What kind of appointments do you offer?
We offer both in-person & telemedicine appointments.

How do I schedule an appointment?
For both established and new patients, please contact us via phone or text at (808) 523-7955 to request an appointment.  (Email is currently not a preferred option for appointment requests.)

Depending on potential schedule changes on any given day, we may be able to fit you in sooner than initially scheduled.

How do telemedicine appointments work?
Telemedicine visits are offered through internet-based, HIPAA-compliant video platforms like Doxy.me or Doximity, and FaceTime, with phone calls being our last fallback option.

On the day of your appointment our team will give you instructions for telemedicine, but in general go to the links below and wait in our virtual waiting room until Dr. Madamba arrives (feel free to do anything you want while waiting):

Dr. Joseph’s patients go to:  https://doxy.me/drjoemadamba

Dr. Gloria’s patients go to:  https://doxy.me/drgloriamadamba

*If you encounter challenges during your telemedicine visit, please call or text us at (808) 523-7955 for support.

With the doxy.me app or website you can have a secure live videochat with Dr. Madamba.

Are same-day or walk-in visits available?
The answer is:  sometimes.  Depending on the day’s schedule, we may be able to accept same-day walk-in appointments (in-person or via telemedicine) on a 1st-come, 1st-served basis, also taking into account medical urgency. 

We will do our best to fit you in with respect/priority to patients who are scheduled.  We cannot fully guarantee you will be seen that same day, however.  Most often, for non-urgent health issues we can arrange at least a phone call with Dr. Madamba to occur within 3 business days.

What do I do if I’m having an urgent/emergent medical issue?
As mentioned, you may contact us and we will do our best to fit you into our schedule.  However, if this is not possible, you are advised to go to the nearest urgent care or emergency room without delay.

What can I anticipate for my visit?
We typically schedule patients in 30-40 minute increments. This may turn out to be shorter or longer depending on various factors.  Please understand, healthcare for individual human beings can be complex and is often unpredictable. 

During the visit, Dr. Madamba will address your core health issues as much as possible e.g. lab results or chief symptoms.  We may need to set another appointment to cover any issues for which time does not allow.

The frequency of periodic follow-up depends on a patient’s overall health status.

How can I best prepare for a visit?1)  Please BRING/PREPARE FOR EVERY VISIT (regardless of whether in-person or via telemedicine): 

  • Valid ID (e.g. driver’s license)
  • All valid health insurance card(s)
  • All medicines/supplements (actual bottles or a complete written list are fine)
  • Top questions/health issues to discuss
  • Method of payment (cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted) – copays are due at time of service

2)  Casual attire is recommended 

3)  Plan to ARRIVE EARLY (regardless of whether in-person or via telemedicine):

  • For established patients: 15 minutes prior to your appointment
  • For new patients: 30 minutes prior

4)  Checkout process:

  • For in-person visits, please wait in the waiting room while our team completes some or all of your checkout items (tests, referrals, handouts, prescriptions, etc.); some items are done same-day, other items may require additional time to process and we will contact you when these are done       
  • For telemedicine visits, we will contact your once your checkout items are done
  • For both in-person and telemedicine visits, please kindly contact us for a status update if full checkout is not completed within 1-2 weeks


What else should I know for my visit?

1)  Appointment delays. 
Like most medical offices, sometimes our schedule may be delayed.  Please understand:  we do our very best to stay on-time/on-schedule.  However, multiple factors can affect the schedule like complex/urgent/emergent patients who require more time than is anticipated.  Our patients’ health is our top priority.  You will receive the same attention when your time comes to see the doctor.  We know your time is valuable – thank you for your patience and understanding.

 2)  Appointment rescheduling/missed appointments.
If you cannot make your appointment, please contact us via phone or text as soon as possible.  This allows us to squeeze in other patients who need to be seen.  We may charge a $35 fee for missed appointments when there is a failure to notify us ahead of time, but this fee & rescheduling are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

 3)  Forms.  
Due to the time & resources required, we charge a fee for completion of forms e.g. school/employment related forms, disability paperwork, family medical leave, etc.  The amount depends on the complexity & length of the form.


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