To all patients and prospective patients:
With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly improving in Hawaii and businesses statewide cautiously opening up more and more, we have started to allow a limited number of in-office visits for our patients (note: this can change at any time).

If you would like to be seen in our office, please contact us via phone or email. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Otherwise, our default appointments are still telehealth visits (using any device with video & internet capabilities e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer; or phone). Telehealth visits have become very popular and we will continue to make these available moving forward.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate this “new normal”.


Dr. Madamba is a primary care physician in Honolulu, establishing practice in 2010. One of only a few physicians in Hawaii who are Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, Dr. Madamba takes a whole-person approach to health and healing. This means he blends perspectives and techniques from modern medicine with complementary/alternative medicine to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic health conditions.

We believe in healthcare that promotes optimal wellness, and emphasizes healthy body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to provide high quality medical care and empowerment for our patents to lead healthier, happier lives. Our vision is to be a leader and model of integrative medicine practice, and to positively impact our local community and the bigger world by guiding people to become healthier and happier. We aim to provide comprehensive care with a special focus on disease prevention, early detection, root cause analysis, and healthy lifestyle. We strive to support our patients with the highest levels of professionalism and personalized attention to help them achieve their health goals.

As a primary care practice, we collaborate with a wider network of skilled healthcare practitioners and, when indicated, may refer patients to these other specialists for evaluation and treatment. We are happiest when we can help keep our patients healthy and vibrant throughout life, constantly moving towards optimal health.


Great health helps build the foundation for a happy life. It allows us the best opportunity to pursue our highest vision of ourselves. Being healthy means not only the absence of disease, but also the presence of vitality and wellness. Dr. Madamba believes that in order to promote good health, we should combine the cutting-edge innovations of modern medicine with the wisdom of alternative healing traditions, putting the emphasis on balanced body, mind, and spirit. As much as possible, he believes in using lifestyle changes and natural therapies alongside medicines to target the root cause of illness.   Read More

Dr, Madamba is a very thorough physician.

dr. joe is a caring physician and very likeable

Dr. Madamba is a great caring doctor, who is very patient and attentive. He practices integrative medicine, which is kind of a combination of holistic and conventional medicine. He has been helping me to find the right supplements for different health conditions. His office staffs are very helpful and kind. I strongly recommend this wonderful doctor! Brian L., 5 star, Yelp

Dr. Madamba is fantastic! He clearly cares for his patients and wants to make sure everything in the body is running smoothly or is in homeostasis. He took some tests and made recommendations, and a little over a year later, I’m healthy!

The care I receive from Dr Joseph Madamba is exactly what I was looking for. Before finding Dr Madamba I had no general medical practitioner, and that was for three years. I couldn’t find the care I was needing and wanting until I found him.

Dr Joseph Madamba is the best family doctor I have had. He in not only compassionate but his treatments are different from the other doctors I have had in the past. He not only treats the symptoms but looks for the causes of the problems and also treats them. BEST doctor I have had!!!

Dr madamba is kind and caring doctor. He is also very smart . Very Good qualities to have when your not feeling well. Thank you doc

Dr. Madamba was such a thoughtful and supportive Provider. He made sure all my concerns and needs were addressed. As a clinician, he discussed his medical referrals but was open to discuss alternative natural remedies. He is the epitome of putting the client first. I wish all PCPs were as wonderful as Dr. Joseph Madamba!

I was so fortunate to have found Dr. Madamba when it seemed like no primary care physicians were accepting new patients. His integration of holistic health practices was so refreshing and made him/his practice extremely approachable for someone like me, who can be rather hesitant with a lot of traditional medicines. He helped me through several health issues I had been dealing with in the most efficient, and least invasive, ways possible; always looking to see if a more natural pathway is an option first. He is very patient and understanding, never judgemental like some doctors I have experienced in the past. His entire staff is so welcoming and friendly, and make you feel like more than just another patient. I would recommend Dr. Madamba to anyone looking for a new physician in Honolulu! Casey N., 5 star, Yelp

Dr. Joseph Madamba is a great doctor. He’s very thorough and listens well. He will spend his time with you to really understand your health concerns. He’s an MD but is knowledgeable of integrative medicine. I’m so glad I brought my mom and myself to see him.  Diana S., 5 star, Yelp

Got accommodated in spite of the short notice.  He illustrated results of my X-ray using his computer.  I was given advice including specialists as well as supplements to help me with my present condition.


I had a most unusual first visit with Dr. Madamba. I told him I had breast pain for a long time and had gone to two other doctors before him who both took about 2 months to schedule an X-ray for me. He immediately picked up the phone, called Diagnostic Labs and made an ultrasound appointment for me the next day. Ultrasounds don’t use radiation and I believe they are much safer than regular X-rays. No other doctor has been so efficient and I think he isn’t even 40 yrs. old. That is important, as many people don’t want to go to an older doctor, as many are in their 70s and ready to retire. Plus, most are still using the information they had when going to med school 45 -50 yrs. ago, all of which is very outdated!!!! His information is the latest being that he is so young!!! He also doesn’t do what most doctors do: The in-one-door-and-out-the-other in 5-10 minutes. He allows about 1/2 hr. for each patient if it is needed. No other doctor does this!!!! Please log on to him — Dr. Joseph Ryan Madamba — and read his complete resume. It is unbelievable that he has accomplished so much at such a young age. He has received so many awards in so many areas. I’m sure he is a genius!!!! He is also very caring, kind and patient. I’m so lucky to have found him, as most of all the doctors who are so highly regarded, are not taking any new patients. Please hurry to go to him or he may not be available soon!!!!

Cora P.

Dr. Joseph Madamba is one of the best docs around!! He is very knowledgeable and unbelievably patient. Unlike some physicians who want to get you in and out, Dr. Joseph listens and genuinely wants help and make you better. There are many times he is booked up but if a patient calls and needs to be seen he and his staff will do whatever it takes to accommodate them so they can be seen. His bedside manner is gentle and kind and anyone who comments otherwise is not being truthful. They truly don’t make doctors like Dr. Joseph and his Mom, Dr. Gloria anymore. If you are looking for a primary care physician, I would strongly recommend this one of a kind team! I promise you will not regret it.

Tracy K.

Dr. Madamba is fantastic! He clearly cares for his patients and wants to make sure everything in the body is running smoothly or is in homeostasis. He took some tests and made recommendations, and a little over a year later, I’m healthy in all aspects. The staff are so very friendly and care about his practice and being very helpful. Thanks doc!

Zara Duarte

The most wonderful doctor! He is so present, thorough, kind, and integrative. He sets a precedent in my opinión. More people could be on their way to better health with a doctor like Dr. Madamba

Sara S

My wife and I are so glad that our friend recommended Dr Madamba. Every visit helped us get a…

Sara S


We accept most major insurance plans including:

  • AARP Medicare Complete
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Hawaii Laborers Health & Welfare Trust Fund
  • HMA (Hawaii-Mainland Administrator’s)
  • HMAA (Hawaii Medical Assurance Association)
  • HWMG (Hawaii-Western Management Group)
  • HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association) – PPO, HMO (please call for availability), EUTF, Quest, Akamai Advantage)
  • Humana Medicare – PPO (not HMO)
  • Kaiser – Added Choice Plan only
  • Medicare
  • Ohana – Medicare, Quest
  • PSWA (Pacific Southwest Administrators)
  • Tricare for Life
  • UHA (University Health Alliance)
  • UnitedHealthcare – Medicare only (not Quest)
  • No-Fault Auto Accident / Workers’ Compensation***

It is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance company’s member services to make sure we are a preferred provider.  Medical insurance is intended to cover some if not all of your medical care, depending on your plan.  Understand that most plans have copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and non-covered services which are ultimately the patient’s responsibility.  Patients are encouraged to become familiar with their medical coverage.